Below you can find a sample of our more popular desserts. We have a wide range waiting in the wings – just in case there is something that you would like but cannot see.
Delicious, gluten free desserts are available too. Freshly baked and made to order.

Fruits of the Forest Cheesecake –  Light vanilla cheesecake on a buttery biscuit base topped with blackberries, raspberries and redcurrants, topped with strawberry jelly..
Baileys & Toffee Cheesecake –  Irish cream cheesecake with caramel sauce and biscuit crumb base, finished with a chocolate coffee bean and a caramel glaze.
Honeycomb Cheesecake – A light honeycomb cheesecake mix on a buttery biscuit base and decorated with milk chocolate honeycomb nibbles, white chocolate shavings, sweet snow & cocoa powder
Cherry Bakewell Tart – Almond cream sponge and raspberry jam in a sweet pastry case. Topped with Morello cherries, flaked almonds and an apricot glaze.
Belgian Chocolate Cake – A denser, more continental sponge, filled with light chocolate ganache, topped with even more, darker ganache.
Fresh Dairy Cream Profiteroles – Delicious choux pastry buns filled with fresh dairy cream. Served with chocolate sauce
Dark Chocolate & Salted Caramel Torte – A dark chocolate mousse on a sponge base, finished with salted caramel fudge pieces and dusted with cocoa powder
Fresh Fruit Salad – Seasonal fresh fruit salad served with cream
Banana and Toffee Tart –  A sweet pastry case lined with dark chocolate, layered with rich toffee sauce & a light banana cream, topped with dark chocolate shavings
A selection of cakes and traybakes: Call us now to see what we can offer.

GLUTEN FREE DESSERTS: Essential for today’s menu!
Gluten Free dairy Cream Profiteroles – Delicious gluten free choux pastry buns, filled with fresh dairy cream. Served with chocolate sauce
Glitzy Chocolate Orange Torte – Gluten free chocolate crumb base, a layer of dark chocolate filling, topped with a thin layer of dark chocolate ganache and gold sugar pieces.
Gin Fizz, Lime & Elderflower Cheesecake – On a gluten free biscuit base sits the gin, lime and elderflower cheesecake,  topped with lime flavoured glaze and flakes of golden sugar
Chocolate Cake – Gluten free chocolate sponge filled with a chocolate buttercream icing with milk chocolate chips and topped with more chocolate buttercream icing
Caramel Shortcake Tray Bake – A sticky caramel sandwiched between a shortcake base and Belgian milk chocolate topping.

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