Here are just a few of our ever popular evening food options, side dishes, canapes, nibbles and finger buffet foods. Perfect for both Summer and Winter!
Not everyone loves meat – and that’s ok! Depending on your menu, a variety of vegan, gluten free and vegetarian dishes can be included.


Chargrilled Veggie Skewers* – Red onion, mushroom, courgettes, halloumi*, red, yellow and green peppers
Stuffed Portobello Mushrooms* – Garlic butter & cheddar cheese / Mixed vegetables / Tomato & mozzarella / Stilton & leek / Pancetta, spinach & parmesan / Garlic & chilli in bread crumbs
Corn on the Cob* – BBQ corn on the cob with melted butter served as “lollipops”
Grilled Mixed Root Vegetables* – Sweet potatoes, button mushrooms, butternut, carrots and turnips with freshly chopped thyme: Perfect for those cold Winter days
Black Bean Burgers – Vegan or Vegetarian friendly with lime and coriander, in a gluten free roll
Country Pork Sausages – Gluten Free, handmade country pork sausages. Perfect for coeliacs but still delicious!


Selection of deep filled sandwich Platters – Served in white, granary or wholemeal bread
Traditional English Pork Pies – Served with a selection of mustard and chutney
Handmade Sausage Rolls – Choose between pork & chutney / Stilton and Pork
Hot and Sticky Chicken Wings – Choose from a variety of flavours
Sausage “lollipops” – A selection of succulent sausages served on toothpicks with sweet chilli dipping sauce
Cheese Straws / Stuffed Olives / Carrot Batons / Sweet Peppers with cream cheese and chive
Charcuterie Deli Boards – A selection of cured meats to include salami, parma ham and chorizo served with cheese and a choice of chutneys.


Hot Diggity “Dawgs” – Footlong “Big Dawg” sausage on a freshly baked roll, topped with caramelized onions & sauce of your choice
Steak Prego Rolls – Flame grilled strips of juicy steak in a floured (prego) roll, topped with cheese and flaming hot peri peri sauce
Slow Spit Roasted Hog – Don’t mess with perfection! Served with wholegrain mustard and apple sauce, topped with crispy, crunchy crackling in a freshly baked bap.
Lamb Shish Kebabs – Tender pieces cubed lamb, basted in our secret dry rub and served simply with rocket leaves and tomatoes in a soft white tortilla

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